1963 WM300 Dodge Power Wagon

Power Wagon

1963 WM300 Dodge Power Wagon $28,500 [NC]

1963 Dodge Power Wagon

Older Restoration, been in storage for over 10 years.
Original flathead engine was opened partially for rebuild, and sealed back up because it looked like new inside. Converted for use at NC airport as an aircraft service truck, including on-board fuel tanks and tool boxes.

Body, Frame, and Powertrain are very solid. Appears to have been a southern truck all its life. We recently started it, and pulled it out of a T-Hanger for short drive around airport property . Tires and brakes are going to need attention. Paint should buff nicely, Left door window is out, we're replacing the regulator before the truck is picked up. Will drive on trailer under its own power. Owner is hard to contact due to job, So I'll get information and pics to prospective buyers until they are ready to look at the truck, and talk to owner. 4 Pics are recent with dust. 2 pics are taken after restore.

Located at Sanford NC airport. Owner and Seller are both licensed aircraft mechanics.
VIN 2461306537
Email [email protected]
Call 864-934-9021

Power Wagon
Power Wagon
Power Wagon

Restoration pictures from years ago

Power Wagon
Power Wagon

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