Power Wagon Valve Adjustment 

David Goldman  Asked:

Many of you must have adjusted the valves on a 251 cu in in a WM300 (66 in my case). I am looking for the definitive methology. I know what the manual says:

.010 Intake (Hot)
.014 Exhaust (Hot)
But hot seems hard - i.e. the manifold is really right in the way.

So - the question stands - What's the best approach?
Hot or Cold?
What should the clearance be?
How to minimize skin loss?
Any special tools?
Gasket set number?

I've adjusted a lot of valves, but this will be my first flathead, so I assume there are a few tricks to the trade. Any help or hints would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Steve McManus posted:

I wonder if anyone out there has the COLD valve settings for the 230 six. I just can't imagine setting them with the engine runnung as described in my old Motor book. Thanks


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