Posted by Doc Dave on Friday, June 04, 2004

Several folks have vintage spotlights on their trucks. These were very common in the 50's and 60's on civilian vehicles and are used today on many commercial and police vehicles. I recently found an antique door post spotlight on e-bay tht was incomplete. I did a fair amount of research with the manufacturer, Unity, who is still in business, and found out what is "correct" for the power wagon, and also ordered the parts I needed to get it together again.

Contact them at:

Look in particular at the antique spotlights section. Also check out the historical archive, they have a 1953 parts diagram/list. They also offer an extensive array of replacement parts for many models, as well as repair.
Correct exposed light shaft length of the light assembly for the WDX-WM300
PW is 6". This is indicated by the shaft code "A" in the various spotlights offered that I have listed below.

Several model numbers of lights are appropriate for the WDX-WM300. They offer 5 or 6 inch diameter spotlights in 6 or 12 volt. For my B-3 Power Wagon I am going with the 5 inch diameter, which I think was more typical in the 50's. The model numbers are below.

For 6 volt:
5 inch is 50A-4515-U-I 5"
6 inch is 125A-4535-U-I 6"

For 12 volt:
5 inch is 250A-U-I 5"
6 inch is 225A-U-I 6"

Correct installation kit is #69 for left door post and #69RH for the right.
Correct template pattern is T-959. You need to request this seperately (not in the installation kit). This is to position it correctly during installation.
Correct Mopar raised ornament (if desired) is 6295-C

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