1958 - 1960 Dodge Power Giant
Front Fender Interchanges

Aaron Arnold & Eric Bannerman

1958-1960 D100-D300 (rear fender bracket changed mid 1959).

1958 W100/W200/TW use a specific fender without the extended flap.

1958-1960 W300, and 1959-1960 W100/W200/TW use the extended flap, which is common to the medium duty trucks.

1959-1960 W100-W200 rear flaps look slightly trimmed compared to the D500. Rear brackets changed mid 1959.

1958-1960 W300 and 1958-1960 D400, D500, D600 (low tonage front axle only) rear brackets changed mid 1959.

1958-1960 W500 and D600 (high tonage only), D700, D800, D900.

1961-1966 D100 and W100 Town Wagon and Town Panel.


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