Oil Filter Numbers 

Does anyone know a Napa or other part number for the 230cid Power Wagon oil filter?
The early Civilian Power Wagons with the Deluxe brand oil filter with T-handle top use the NAPA #1011 sock-type element
Depending on the year determines if you have the large diameter filter or the smaler diameter.
I have the smaller filter element which measures 3.5" diameter by 4 1/4" long. NAPA #1010

Oil Filter for 251cid

I've been using the Napa #1080 Gold filter on my 251 (The Gold is a WIX filter)

NAPA 1062 3 1/4" dia. x 6 1/2" long

Fram CH236APL works too. I like the NAPA filter, the fram had heavy paper on the top and bottom.

WIX 51076

I have found these when searching for a filter for my 1/2 ton. The cannister I have on my Dodge is the smaller diameter type, so check the filter diameter at the counter before taking home. I have seen listings that don't work for all applications. Dave A.

Carquest (WIx sock type) #85011 * listed as fitting 46 -58 models
(Fit mine well)

Fram (cannister type) # C-143A

AC #P115
* had this number, but I never actually bought one of these

NAPA * I saw in the listing that someone uses a NAPA #1010. I use this exact filter for my 1946 CJ2a Willys. The number I was given at NAPA was #1071, or #1017 It fit perfectly and is what I get all of the time now.
Hope all this helps someone.

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