Power Wagon Door Glass Installation

Can anyone tell me the secret to installing these darn windows? I've been trying to install them for months. Its the last thing I have to do to complete the truck. I've taken up drinking after each attempt.

It's worth remembering that the lower run channel is side specific - get the wrong side and it'll fall off the rollers when half way up. If everything else works try swapping the sides of the lower channels.


  1. Insert window glass run, but don't screw in yet. This is the piece that goes up the rear channel and around window opening, ending at top of vent wing. It's either chrome edged or plain. When securing to rear channel, you use the tab at bottom of channel.
  2. Install vent wing window.
  3. Install front channel, but don't tighten the screws. It needs to move a bit at the top to let the full window fit in. I broke my new glass the first attempt by not allowing enough room.
  4. Install the window regulator. Crank regulator almost all the way down.
  5. Open vent wing and insert window carefully.
  6. Lower window until the two forward openings in its channel mate up with the two wheels on the regulator. You will need to lower or raise the regulator until the regulator wheels match the channel gaps correctly.
  7. Lube channel and insert wheels.
  8. Crank window up a bit untill rollers move beyond openings in channel.
  9. Install stop screw.
  10. Tighten screws in front channel and install screws in door glass run. If all this fails, come over to my place or invite me to yours and we'll follow the advice on the previous post.

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