1/2 ton Military and Civilian cabs

Posted by BIO on Sunday, December 01, 2002

A 1941 1/2 ton military cab is not the same as a 1941 1/2 ton civie cab, although they are for the most part swapable (I don't know about the 2-1/2 ton cabs).

The biggest difference is that the military cab has an angled cowl lip where the back of the hood rests. A civie cab is level at this point. Using a civie cab in place of a military cab forces the rear of the hood up a little bit, leaving a noticable gap. The civie cab has holes on the cowl just ahead of the doors for cowl lights. A military cab lacks these. A civie cab has a centrally located crank on the dash to crack the windshield open. A military cab has finger knobs on each windshield pillar and can open completely up. If I recall right, a civie cab has a fuel tank filler spout opening on one of the rear corners, while the military cab has no hole, the fuel tank filler spout being behind the drivers side rear fender.

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