Arrow Signals for $25.98

arrow turn signals

By Paul Mierop

This is a description of how I made the Arrow Type turn signals for the front of the Carryall. I will be making another set for my M-37 when its complete. Follow the steps below and you will have a great looking set of Arrow Type Turn Signals for only $25.98.

#1. Go to NAPA and buy (2) Arrow (brand) turn Signals which have Amber Lens
the NAPA part Number is 3755A. Cost $12.99 each. These are nice quality turn signals. If you desire, you can purchase a extra lens at $5.39 each, NAPA part number 680-2003

#2 Now you need a picture of a ARROW or you can draw up your own ARROW.
I found a nice ARROW on the Grote Web Site
This is a 7" school bus arrow singal light. I saved that picture.

#3 Re-size the Picture or your own design to fit on the lens of the NAPA turn signals you bought. Get a sheet of Sticky Back, Crack and Peel Computer paper and print the re-sized picture. Or draw your own Arrow on the stickey back paper.

#4 Cut the ARROW out of the sticky back, crack and peel paper.

#5 Pop the Lens off the NAPA turn Signal. Clean the lens to remove any grease and oil. Use caution with solvents that may soften the lens. Then center and stick the cut out ARROW on the lens. Orientation of the ARROW is not important, as the lens will snap on the housing in any direction. Make sure that the Arrow has stuck well on the lens, no lifting on any edge.

#7 Now you have a Amber Lens with ONLY a paper arrow stuck on the lens.

#8 Get some good quality Black spray paint and shoot the lens. Let it dry well between coats and apply a few good coats. When the paint is throughly dry, carefully, peel off the paper arrow.

#9 Thats it! You have a Black Lens with a Amber Arrow in the center. Snap it back on the turn signal housing and enjoy your two $25.98 Arrow Turn Signals.


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