1968 W200 Air Force ambulance

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1968 W200 Air Force ambulance $5,500 [CA] 

1968 W200 Air Force ambulance.
Very stock original in great condition
Slant 6, 4 spd, Dana 44 & Dana 60, 4.88 axle ratio, 17.5 rims (5), tires good (5)
25,130 original miles. That is not a typo, 25k original miles. runs fine, starts after sitting for a month

Gearbox, steering...... truck is very tight.
Box is 6' wide, 8' long and 5' high, ground to top of box is 8'.
All glass is good, surface rust on driver and passenger floors, otherwise very rust free vehicle. Dual a.c., dual heaters.
Plywood floor in box is in good shape, no rot , no warping.
Siren works.


More pictures at https://photos.app.goo.gl/8K3Gh3MmfGnCMLbj2

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