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Dodge tow hooks, “Dragon Tooth” style
“Original”? NDT 9.00X16 Goodyear tire 
M37 Front springs
Power King 9.00 x 16 Tires
Power Steering Assist for Dodge Trucks

Power Wagon
Power Wagon

Dodge tow hooks, “Dragon Tooth” style. These type of tow hooks are relatively rare. I’ve seen it stated where they were used on 1957-1961 Power Wagon trucks (Power Giant and Sweptline), and also 1971. Not used on flat fenders, or the Power Giant W500. I believe these were on 2WD and 4WD.
I noticed on the internet a pair selling for $399.95 by a well known and respected Dodge truck supplier that are unfinished.
I blasted these hooks and painted them with epoxy primer and hardened enamel. There are a few scuffs from sitting on the shelf and being moved about.

Asking $300 for the pair, plus shipping.

Power Wagon
Power Wagon
Power Wagon

An “original”? NDT 9.00X16 Goodyear tire from a ’52 B-3 Power Wagon. If you are looking for originality, you can't do better than this tire. I am fairly sure it was original, in the spare position. Due to age, on one side (see third picture, of the other side) there is some rubber on the sidewall that has come off, so I don’t advise it being used as a road tire.

Asking $30 for this tire, but needs to be picked up, or I can possibly bring to a rally.

Power Wagon

M37 Front springs. These came off a 1953 low mileage project truck I bought. I have disassembled, blasted and painted each leaf with epoxy primer and hardened black enamel. There is a light coating of grease between the leaves. The only reason I am selling these is because I decided to re-power and knew I would need higher/heavier springs. While not new, these are not worn out and look new.

I see front springs are selling in a Power Wagon catalog for $150 EACH, NOS.

I’m asking $150 for this PAIR, plus shipping.

Power Wagon
Power Wagon
Power Wagon

Set of five Power King 9.00-16 super traction tires, with good tubes and flaps.
I have about 7,000 miles on these tires, which are in very good condition. They range in tread remaining from one at about 95% (was the spare) to one about 60% (was right rear), with the others in the 70-80% range. After I first drove on them, I decided to try and get them balanced. The place I took them did not have the ability to do this on a big bias tire and wheel. So, after some research I took them to a big truck shop and they advised that the tires be lightly trued in the center section of the tread, then be balanced. They did that and I got a very nice ride. Being in a balanced state resulted in only mild wear since I’ve had them.
Asking $500 for 5 tires, good flaps and tubes, plus shipping. Prefer pickup here in Maryland but could ship.

Power Wagon

Power Steering assist unit for Power Wagon/Dodge trucks, used in 60’s. Includes the power steering pump, hydraulic ram that connects to tie rod with brackets, drag link (with the hydraulic control valves) and some printouts from Dodge service manuals on power assist units from the time period.
This is a Garrison unit that was taken off a ’60’s Dodge truck. The power assist type units were listed in the ’60’s Dodge truck parts books.
This size unit is said to work on Dodge trucks in the 60’s, W100-W300 ideally?, or a 2WD up to 400-500.
Could probably use with a Power Giant ’57-’60, but would need to research.
Condition unknown (but shaft free in cylinder). Obviously will to be gone through, some new hoses probably.
Asking $450, plus shipping.

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