Poly 318 V8 Engine, Bell Housing, Install Kit, and Transmission

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Poly 318 V8 Engine, Bell Housing, Install Kit, and Transmission $1,200 [NH] 

Poly 318 V8 Engine, Bell Housing, Install Kit and Transmission $1,200 

After selling the WDX, I no longer need these engine swap components, and now offer them up for sale.   Of course once it does sell, I will trip over another truck, and wish that I hadn't sold it all. 

The Poly 318 is out of a Dodge Polara which I believe was a 1965, or 66.   I did hear it run before it was pulled, and it is a decent runner, with no smoke.   It was three years ago that it was pulled, then stored in my shop under cover and still turns over.    The car was an automatic.   I do still have the cast iron headers in good shape that are included. 

The hydraulic bell housing came from a Dodge truck along with another Poly engine that included the flywheel and clutch components, although not sure of the exact year, I suspect it was a 1958.    The hydraulic bell housing and clutch items were removed from that engine as it was severely rusted and not salvageable.   There was a transmission attached as well, which looks like a late non-syncro as it has a horizontal drain out the back although two pins on the shifter.   Casting number (C-9176) doesn't match what VPW lists in their catalog.   It does fit the bell housing and has the parking brake drum on it still.   Shifts well and is complete. 

The installation kit is from Heli-Tool and is still in the original package.   Instructions and all the needed components to secure the engine into an existing flat fender frame as they were when sent by Ray. 

Looking to sell as a package and not separate.   This is a great alternative to add power to your truck on a budget. 

If you have any questions or require additional photos please shoot me an email. 


Dan Edwards

Concord, NH 

Email Scout556@comcast.net

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