Dodge Power Wagon Chassis and Engines [CO]

Power Wagon

Dodge Power Wagon Chassis (2) and Engines [CO]

Black Power Wagon chassis, $2500
No SN found, appears to be late 40s or early 50s chassis
Transmission, first series spur gear, dated 8-16-48
Engine: 218 cid from a 1952 Plymouth 6 sedan, SN P23-564237
Transfer case, with shift levers and rods
Front shocks
Brake and clutch pedals
Steering gear
Power Wagon rims, dated 1948, 50, 50, ??
Front and intermediate drive shafts

1952 Power Wagon chassis, $2200
SN 83927918
Engine: 236 cid Spitfire from a 1948-49 FL/F/FA Dodge truck, SN T148-2346
Rear shock mounts
Gas tank
Brake pedal
½ ton Dodge WC rims, deep offset, dated 1940, 41, 41, 42
No transmission
No transfer case

Spare Engine and transmission, $800
SN T112-XXXX, 201 or 218 cid from a 1941-47 Dodge WC or WD15
Engine has head studs
Transmission dated 9-6-44 from Dodge WC63
Aftermarket PTO
Engine ran when pulled but has rod knock, turns easily

Located in Longmont Colorado
Greg Coffin
Phone 303-530-4150

Power Wagon
Power Wagon
Power Wagon
Power Wagon

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