1949 Dodge B-1B Pilot House Long Bed Pickup

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1949 Dodge B-1B Pilot House Long Bed Pickup $4,750 [CA] 

1949 Dodge B-1B Pilot House Long Bed Pickup
This truck was obtained from a retired friend, with the engine having a rod knock. He could not afford to repair it. The engine was removed and taken apart. The cam bearings were removed, and the block was hot-tanked revealing numerous cracks which cannot be repaired. A replacement used engine was obtained, and is included with the sale. All parts which show as removed are present.

This truck was a working truck, and was utilized in the construction business. When it was running it was unstoppable, but very slow. Top speed might be 60 mph. It has a four speed transmission. It comes with a spare transmission with synchromesh second, third, and fourth gears.
Truck has a heater.
All glass is good, but the rear pilot house glass need new seals.
The interior needs a new headliner, kick panels, and door panels.

The truck was repainted many years ago, and the red color is not original.
Original honeycomb radiator had leaked, and has been repaired,

The bed floor has diamond plate steel on it, and the existing condition of the original bed floor is unknown.
Truck comes with a lumber rack.

The only rust in the cab is limited to the very bottom of one door only. There is no other rust.
The truck rolls fine, and can be easily loaded onto a trailer.
An original factory shop manual is included.

A rebuilt clutch and pressure plate is included. One would need to obtain a pilot bushing and new throwout bearing.
Some wiring needs to be replaced.

Title to the truck is present, but it has not been registered for a few years. It is not non-opped. Back fees may be required.
As snow will arrive shortly where the truck is located, it would need to be moved soon, or it will not be able to be moved until late spring or early summer 2021.

Truck is located in Macdoel, California, 96058.
I am selling the truck as I have three other projects presently involving a Dodge W-200 and two early Thunderbird Square Birds, and do not have the energy to make this great old truck run again.

Price: $4,750. Cash only.

Contact: Steve royalengineers@sbcglobal.net
(530) 398-4600 Evenings Only - 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
West Coast Time

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