1947 WDX Dodge Power Wagon

Power Wagon

1947 WDX Dodge Power Wagon $2,450 [CO]

1947 Power Wagon, Ser # 83904616.

This is a Arizona truck can be bought either in its entirety for $2,450, or by parts separately.
Does not run, or have a title.
Down side - it has a V8 engine (Chevy) and non descript 4 speed transmission.
Frame and cab are junk, but have good extra frame if you buy the entire truck.

The up side is the box, rear and front fenders with head lights, MU2 winch, spare tire carrier, and body panels.
Tires and wheels shown will be replaced with 4 others. Have more pics.

For prices on parts or other info call 303-748-9350.


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